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9 Reasons For Retirement in Maryland

9 Reasons to Retire in Maryland

Alissa Sauer

Maryland may be one of the smallest states in America, but it packs a lot to offer retirees. From the mountains in the west, to Atlantic Ocean beaches on the west, and rolling hills in between, Maryland offers retirees more options than nearly any other state. Learn more about why you should consider retiring in Maryland.  

Benefits of Retiring in Maryland

Maryland is a beautiful state, once nicknamed “America in Miniature” because its scenic landscape represents all areas of the country. You can find . great skiing in the west, sailing in the east, hiking and rolling hills in the middle of the state. Maryland may be one of the smallest states in the country, but retiring in Maryland can have big benefits.

1. Nearly 4,000 miles of shoreline

Maryland touches three major bodies of water which are the Chesapeake Bay, the Potomac River, and the Atlantic Ocean. Add that to 400 lakes and dozens of rivers and creeks and you have an outdoorsmen’s dream retirement. Retirees in Maryland enjoy easy access to boating, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

2. Vital cultural opportunities and rich history

There is no shortage of history in Maryland. As one of the original 13 colonies, Maryland has a history that is certainly worth celebrating. With several theaters, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Museum of Art, concerts, crab feasts, and much more, there is something for everyone in Maryland. Its proximity to Washington, D.C., also lends the state to a  rich culture and historical environment.

3. Mild climate with four distinct seasons

Maryland strikes a perfect balance when it comes to weather. Summer in Maryland is warm, without being too hot at an average of 65 °F in July. Winter in Maryland is cold, but not too cold, with an average of 28 °F in January. For retirees who want four seasons, Maryland offers all four distinct seasons while avoiding dangerous extremes.

4. Tax friendliness

Maryland does not tax Social Security benefits and its income tax rate maxes out at 5.75%. Additionally, retirees may qualify for a pension exclusion up to $29,000. While the state does have an inheritance tax, spouses, children, and siblings are exempt.

5. A sports lover’s paradise

Maryland boasts a Major League Baseball team, two National Football League teams (the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins both play in Maryland), an indoor soccer team, and even a Major League Lacrosse team. Lacrosse may be the official team sport of the state but die-hard fans cover all the city’s teams and inspire a strong sense of community and camaraderie.

6. Craft beer breweries and an abundance of farm-to-table restaurants

When it comes to craft beer, Maryland is an industry leader. The Maryland Craft Beer Festival is an annual event featuring over 40 local breweries, including some that are not even open to the public yet. One economic study estimated that the beer industry contributed more than $4.3 billion to Maryland’s economy. Additionally, Maryland is considered to be a pioneer in the farm-to-table restaurant movement, combining the state’s farms with restaurants making fresh food more readily available. The state has award-winning restaurants like Maggie’s Farm in Baltimore, named “Best Farm-to-Table Restaurant” and Founding Farmers, a Certified Green Restaurant, has been featured on the Food Network.

7. Easy transportation services

Maryland has an international airport in Baltimore, making it easy to fly out and see family or plan an adventure all your own. Additionally, the state has award-winning public transportation on trains and buses. Public transportation is highly encouraged throughout the capital city of Baltimore and near Washington, D.C.

8. Access to educational opportunities

Maryland is home to the University of Maryland, the United States Naval Academy, Johns Hopkins University, and hundreds of other colleges and universities.  Many of these educational centers offer classes for seniors and retirees. They also draw world-renowned speakers and lecturers that are often to the public.

9. World-class healthcare and medical facilities

Hospitals in Maryland are known throughout the world for being leaders in research and treatment options. In fact, 10 Maryland hospitals were named by U.S. News and World Report as best hospitals in the country. These hospitals include Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center, and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore.

Experience Leisure Care Assisted Living in Maryland

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Assisted Living and Memory Care in Silver Spring

Making a Maryland Retirement a Reality

When considering a Maryland retirement, many families experience sticker shock. We know it’s an investment, and with a little planning, it’s not as overwhelming as it may seem at first. To start planning financially for your move, think through your current expenses. Because so much of senior living is all-inclusive, many of these expenses will vanish with a move. Think through how much is spent monthly on food, utilities, healthcare, house maintenance, and homeownership costs. Once you have a good understanding of how much it costs to live on your own, you will have a more realistic picture of senior living costs.

You will also want to think through what is included at the community you are considering. Many of Maryland senior living communities include a wide range of amenities including:

  • Regular housekeeping and linen services
  • True restaurant dining, with made to order meals
  • Engaging activities and social events
  • Home maintenance and yard work
  • Gym memberships and fitness classes through PrimeFit
  • Language lessons
  • Travel opportunities
  • Assisted living and memory care services, if needed

Exactly how much your monthly rate is will depend on the care being received, amenities being used, and apartment chosen.

The cost of senior living in Maryland varies throughout the state, but averages at $4,150 per month for assisted living care.

Budgeting a Maryland Retirement

From traveling the world to exploring your own backyard, Leisure Care living is fun and easy. We offer assisted living and memory care services at our senior living community in Maryland, The Landing of Silver Spring. We will work closely with you and your family to create a Maryland retirement that meets care and budget needs while making the most of every day of retirement. Five-star fun. Five-star service. That’s our promise.

It’s your time to build your future. Contact us today to get started.

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