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Staying Social at Markham House

Staying Social Markham House

Alissa Sauer

Residents at Markham House are staying social and actively engaged with others while following all recommended social distancing protocols. Learn how residents at Markham House are remaining active in their community while doing what it takes to stay healthy.

It’s no secret that staying social is crucial to the overall health of seniors. Senior isolation can have severe effects on health and wellness, leading to depression, an increased risk of dementia, and even an increased mortality rate. Today’s generation of seniors are more active than ever, and it’s our promise at Markham House to help them remain that way. Being fully cognizant of social distancing guidelines, our community is seeking balance in the lives of our residents, encouraging social activities while keeping residents healthy.

Our residents have the opportunity to have video calls with their families from all over the world. For local families, our front yard has chairs placed at least 6 feet apart for residents to visit with friends and families in person while wearing masks for protection.

“I was always against technology but now I can see my grandchildren on the East Coast and talk to them every week, I have to change my mind.” – Markham House resident

“You know our needs! Thanks for providing this service for us to be able to see our family.” – Markham House resident

We encourage residents to be as active and social as possible. You will see residents taking walks around the building and celebrating birthdays (while social distancing). Our staff delivers treats for happy hour, snacks, coffee, and pastries as well as crossword puzzles, word searches, and coloring pages.

Contact Markham House today for a virtual tour or if you would like to video chat with one of our residents! We would love to show you how our residents live better than ever – always!


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