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Elevating Cognitive Wellness at Murano Senior Living

Thinkie at Murano

Alissa Sauer

Murano Senior Living is excited to announce the launch of an exciting pilot program in collaboration with Thinkie, a cutting-edge brain training platform. This innovative program aims to enhance the cognitive wellness of our residents through wearable sensor technology that measures brain activity. By leveraging the latest advancements in neuroscience, Thinkie offers a unique and valuable wellness product that can enhance cognitive wellness for people of all ages.

The Power of Increased Brain Activity

At the core of the Thinkie program is a headband with sensor technology that measures blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, providing real-time feedback on brain activity. Brain training games on the Thinkie platform and app are designed to stimulate the prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain responsible for executive functions and cognitive abilities. As residents engage in the games, they can track their brain activity through the Thinkie app, which serves as a brain meter, and gives the user feedback to increase brain activity.

Thinkie’s approach is backed by scientific studies that highlight the relationship between increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex and improved cognition. By targeting this region of the brain, the Thinkie program offers a unique health and wellness solution specifically tailored to the needs of our senior living community. It is essential to note that Thinkie is a wellness product, not a medical device, designed to support residents in their cognitive fitness journey.

The Point System and Personalized Targets

Thinkie employs a daily and monthly point system to encourage active participation and progress. By achieving points through successful gameplay, residents can unlock higher levels of difficulty, ensuring continuous cognitive stimulation. The games are entertaining and are a byproduct of increased brain activity, ultimately contributing to improved cognition and executive function.
In addition to brain training games on the app, residents can enhance their cognitive abilities by engaging in activities like crossword puzzles, sudoku, and more. Thinkie’s sensor technology can be worn while participating in these activities, providing a comprehensive picture of cognitive engagement and progress over time.

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Murano’s Commitment to Holistic Wellness

As part of PrimeFit Wellness, Leisure Care’s signature program for senior wellness, we are thrilled to introduce Thinkie as an exclusive offering to our residents at Murano Senior Living. This program aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing innovative and holistic wellness solutions that enhance the lives of our residents not only physically but also cognitively, emotionally, socially, and communally. Thinkie’s program will be launched in early August to more audiences as the team at Murano paves the way for improved cognition for older adults.

At Murano Senior Living, we believe in continuously seeking groundbreaking solutions to support the holistic well-being of our residents. The partnership with Thinkie and the introduction of their brain training program underscores our dedication to promoting wellness in fun and engaging ways. By leveraging the latest technology, we are excited to continue providing our residents with the most fulfilling, rewarding, and productive opportunities possible.

Contact us today to learn more about the unique opportunities for older adults at Murano Senior Living!

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